Domestic dispute shuts down Dowd YMCA

A domestic dispute put an entire gym on lockdown today. The DOWD YMCA wasn’t letting anyone in or out after someone made a threat.

People waited outside, and quickly learned about the threat.

“I had absolutely no idea,” said gym member John Kelly.

On the inside of the gym, some members didn’t have a clue the lockdown was in effect.

“They probably should have told us,” Kelly said. “It doesn't really worry me, but I'd probably like to know.”

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A representative with the gym told FOX 46 it was a domestic dispute that might have poured into the YMCA, triggering the lockdown. CMPD and privately paid police were on scene. FOX 46 was also there as people were let back inside nearly an hour later. Even though no one was hurt, some say they didn’t like being kept in the dark.

“I think we should still be informed if the place is on lockdown,” said gym member Jack Kennerly, “because if we are trying to leave, if it is on lockdown, we wouldn't be able to. Start panicking probably,” he said.

FOX 46 is working to learn if CMPD plans to charge anyone for the threat.