Don’t trash your tree: York County encourages neighbors to recycle Christmas trees

The holidays have come and gone. While decorations may still line many streets and neighborhoods, eventually, the Christmas tree in your home will have to go. Where will it go? That’s where York County Collection and Recycling is stepping in. 

York County has sixteen collection and recycling centers that accept trees; real or artificial. Real Christmas trees can be recycled and reused as mulch.

If you’re ready to get rid of your artificial tree, don’t throw it in the trash. According to Recycling Coordinator Leslie Hatchel, those can be recycled too. “Artificial tree is mostly metal, so it can go in the scrap metal bin.”

Christmas trees will be picked up until the end of January in York county with regular curbside pickup. If you want to extend your holiday past that date, unwanted trees can still be dropped off at one of the sixteen recycling centers.

Other items such as Christmas lights and even cooking oil can be dropped off at the recycling center. You may have heard wrapping paper cannot be recycled. That’s not always true.

“Wrapping paper and packaging that you have left, all that paper can be recycled as long as it's not foil or the cellophane type paper,” Leslie explained.