Downed tree not removed from family's home for well over a month

An east Charlotte family said a downed tree crashed onto their roof on April 26 and their landlord has yet to clean it up.

Evangelina Iturbe said her family requested to their landlord, a woman named Pahola Davila, for the tree to be removed but nothing has been done.

"The rent is paid each month," Iturbe said. 

The roof has visible holes from where the tree crashed. The tree is still resting on the roof and the side of their home. 

FOX 46 reached out to the landlord who said she has been waiting for her insurance company to confirm cleanup costs. When pressed for more answers and which insurance company she is working with, she hung up the phone.

The tree is resting above the bedroom of Iturbe's six-year old child.

FOX 46 reached out to City of Charlotte Code Enforcement and they came out to the property on Tuesday. They found five different roofing violations, all due to the downed tree. 

One code enforcement official told FOX 46, the biggest concern, would be water getting through holes in the roof. The water could potentially turn into mold.

The holes are also large enough where some animals might be able to enter inside. The landlord will now be forced to make repairs or be taken to court by the city.