Downed trees cause damage in Matthews during winter storm

While the town of Matthews only saw a half inch of snow, they've seen lots of damage, with most of it coming from downed trees.

A massive tree is now resting on a home in one Matthews neighborhood. Luckily, it didn’t break through the roof. 

The homeowners tell FOX 46 they were inside watching Christmas movies at the time it fell, and didn't hear a thing. They didn't even know until their neighbors told them.

"I am surprised to come out and see that this happened because I didn't hear anything, didn't see anything, just looked out the back window and saw the tree that was leaning originally, but really did not expect to see this one to be going on our house,” the homeowner said. 

Several trees snapped in Steven Stone's backyard on Light Brigade Dr. He's happy his 4-year old daughter wasn't outside playing when they came down.

"The first one that fell, fell like a foot from the swing set and I was like ‘oh good it didn't break the swing set.’ But then like an hour later I heard a couple more snaps and two more limbs fell directly on the swing set and I was like ‘good it still didn't break it,’ but now I have three big limbs down,” said Stone.  

He says some of the trees started leaning after Hurricane Florence, but the limbs were no match for the ice. 

"These sway a lot in regular wind, but I think the ice is what caused a lot of these to snap." 

David Bush believes recent storms are to blame for the six trees down in his yard.

"My theory is that the hurricane really weakened them up this year and once we saw one fall we knew that a couple of others were going to fall, and at that point we just crossed out fingers and hoped for the best,” Bush said. 

Neighbors tell us they aren't out of the woods yet. They'll be watching to make sure none of the other trees in their yards come down, and they’re hoping this is the last of the storms we see for a while.