Driver in early morning I-85 wrong-way crash had prior DWI and drug charges

It's the second time in back to back days a car heading the wrong way on I-85 has turned fatal.

22-year-old Kenny Chu was last seen driving north on I-85 South near the Brookshire Blvd. exit and minutes later he crashed into another car near the Statesville Avenue exit and died/

"I just got on 85 and as I was going down on 85. I noticed a puff of smoke over to my left and next thing i knew there was something coming at me," Dennis Hall

Dennis hall was one of the cars in the accident.

"The car was going wrong way and had a head on collision. The car he hit head on, knocked it into my vehicle adn put my vehicle into a spin," Hall said.

Chu's father tells FOX 46 Charlotte he last saw his son Friday night around 8pm. Chu was heading to do improve at a comedy show. Troopers say alcohol and drugs are suspected in this accident.

Officials tell FOX 46, Chu had a prior record, 2 charges for drinking and driving under the age of 21, 2 previous charges for possession of drugs that were dismissed, and a dismissed reckless driving charge.

Now the number of interstate deaths for 2016 has gone up to 20.

"This year we have arrested over 450 impaired drivers. Again, that tells you how many people are out there. Stats generally show that for every one we catch, there's another 200 that go free," Trooper John Burgin said.

Hall tells FOX 46 Charlotte he also saw Thursday's fatal wrong way crash, a crash where troopers say alcohol was also a major factor.

"If you know you are going to be partying and we encourage people to go out and have a good time but we also encourage people to have a plan. Use that telephone, there is Uber available, you have a taxi available, you have a friend," Trooper Burgin said.

With people celebrating New Year’s Eve Saturday night, Highway patrol troopers will be out in full force, constantly moving checkpoints to catch impaired drivers.

"Two in a row, one back to back, I won’t take any chances. I don't want a third strike," Hall said.

If you think someone could be driving drunk, call 911 or star h-p for a direct line to highway patrol.

"Be looking at the road because you never know what's going to be coming at you," Trooper Burgin said.