Driver in Huntersville ties dog to back of Jeep

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A local driver is causing a stir after photos showing a dog leashed to the back of a Jeep were shared on social media. 

The driver has been spotted at two restaurants with the dog sitting on the cargo carrier of a gray Jeep. The first was at a Chick-Fil-A in Huntersville. 

"What jerk hauls their dog on a cargo carrier?!? Spotted at Huntersville Chick-Fil-A," witness Jamie Reynolds wrote. 


Another person says they saw the driver with the dog sitting on the back of the car at a Zaxby's in Huntersville as well. She snapped pictures, and says she spoke with Animal Control and police, who are trying to track the driver down. 


A North Carolina law states that "conveying animals in a cruel manner, is the only relative statute that comes to mind. There is no statute that requires animals to be secured inside of a vehicle. For example, animals can be transported in the open bed of a pickup truck."

So this is not technically illegal. 

"Does this appear to be the safest place for the animal in case of a rear end collision? No. However, it would be up to the discretion of the officer involved given he or she could have more information and background on the circumstances," NC State Highway Patrol says. 

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