Drought hurting local farmers

The drought and intense heat is taking a toll on local farmers. They are having to come up with a plan to water their crops, just to keep them alive.

Many farmers have opted out of planting and growing green beans, because they are one of the vegetable that requires constant watering.  

Farmer Sandy Dellinger said “Everyone has been looking for green beans and there aren't any really.”

The lack of rain, and hot temperatures are a recipe for disaster for farmers like Dellinger who rely on a constant water source to make a profit. Dellinger said, "You have to find a constant water source, because if it's too much at once, that doesn't help either."

Dellinger is lucky enough to have a well for her water source, but other farmers aren't as lucky. Dellinger said. "Lots of people use ponds, and have to use an irrigation source." Keeping crops hydrated can cost a fortune which is why farmers like Clara Pasour pray for rain.

Pasour said, "We would like to hear that it's coming, but a lot of time it goes around us."

Farms in Gaston, Cleveland and Lincoln county have suffered the most, those areas officially in a drought. And as the heat continues experts expect the dry conditions to stick around.