Duke Energy: What to expect following a power outage

Who gets power restored first following a power outage? And how does the power company decide when your neighborhood will get the lights back on?

FOX 46’s Robin Kanady went straight to Duke Energy to get answers to these critical questions, as outages are a major concern for the Charlotte area as Hurricane Florence approaches.

Officials with Duke say it really depends where the damage is. If a power line is hit at a spot where there are 2,000 homes down the line, they’ll get priority over an area where say 200 homes lose power.

“I lived through Hugo in ’89, so I’m familiar with what could happen,” said Concord resident Stephen Walters.

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Walters lost power for a week during Hurricane Hugo. He lived in another neighborhood back then.

He says things look different now in his neighborhood, Falcon Chase, in Concord.

“Everything’s underground. They’ve put all the power lines, the gas lines, cable--everything’s been installed underground,” Walters said.

FOX 46 Charlotte asked Duke Energy how they decide which neighborhoods get power turned back on first.

Tall transmission towers that serve tens of thousands of people get top priority when it comes to restoring power. Next are hospitals and water treatment facilities, and then, they go to substations and work out to the neighborhoods.

“I’ve got some canned goods, and I’ve got several propane tanks, so I am prepared, if it does happen,” Walters said.

No one wants their power to go out, but it will happen to some neighborhood, once Hurricane Florence comes.

1-800-POWER-ON is the number to call to report an outage, if you’re a Duke Energy customer.