Duke Energy works to restore power across Charlotte area

Neighbors in Landsdowne are finally getting their power back after a winter storm left them stuck in the dark. 

Around 5:00 p.m. on Monday, crews were seen repairing lines and poles. Shortly after that, a woman came out of her house smiling, telling FOX 46 that her power had just been restored. 

Some homes in the area took a lot longer to get the power back on than others. 

Power outages couldn't have happened at a worse time for neighbor Larry Mayberry. He had his family in town for a reunion.

“It's been rough on one hand, but on the other hand it caused all of us to do a little bit more bonding without the television, if you don't have the TV going you have to talk to one another,” Mayberry said. 

Unfortunately, since Mayberry didn't have power, he couldn't watch the game, and we had to break the news to him that the Panthers lost. 

“Oh my God, no they didn't, no they didn't please tell me!” 

Luckily, Mayberry has a generator, and he's taking it in stride. 

“I didn't have any power over this electricity situation, so because of that I just accept what it is” he said. 

The southeast Charlotte neighborhood has had several different issues causing power outages. They also had outages during a recent hurricane. 

For another neighbor, Sascha Struckmeyer, the damage it a little closer to home. A tree crashed onto power lines in his backyard, knocking out power for more than 24 hours. 

“I think the biggest thing we'll be excited about is getting the heat back on and not having to sleep in fifteen different layers,” Struckmeyer said. 

His dog pippy was left in the cold too. 

“He doesn't let the cold get in the way. He's out here active and he's got his booties on to keep his feet warm.” 

Duke Energy says outages like Struckmeyer's take a little longer to restore. 

“If the power pole is on the street, it makes it easier, you can get on a bucket truck. If it’s in a backyard, it takes work to get the tree off the fence without damaging the fence. We may have two have linemen climbing trees instead of using a bucket truck,” a Duke lineman said. 

Struckmeyer has been using a generator, trying to get by. He’s not happy he doesn't have power, but he’s patiently waiting for the crews to finish. 

“I know they're doing the best they can, and I'm just glad they're out here, and I'm glad they're working hard,” he said. 

Duke Energy says in general with this snow and ice storm, they are talking days not weeks to restore power.

In the meantime, the neighborhood is really coming together to take care of everyone. One man told FOX 46 his elderly neighbor who's without power is with her caregiver staying in a hotel, and another woman who has power says she let two of her neighbors stay with her until they get their lights and heat back on.