Dying Charlottean Embraces Life

What do you do with just 21 weeks left to live? That's a question a local architect recently faced after being diagnosed with cancer.

Now, with less than 18 weeks left to go he's on his way to fulfilling his last dying wish.

On Thursday, Ron Morgan will auction off a series of paintings.

“These things have windmills and fish that walk and, you know, eyeballs coming out of water,” said Morgan. “And anything I find in the drawing, I give form to. So, for me, it's really fun.”

Just one month ago, Morgan was told by his doctor he had less than six months to live.

"After we had our tears, then you say, 'well, that's interesting, I've got 21 weeks,” said Morgan. “Now, what could you do with in 21 weeks? And so that was the question."

That's when Morgan decided he would continue to build on on what he had set out to do as the founder of 100 Gardens, an organization he kickstarted in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

“They're greenhouses. They're upfitted to teach kids about food production, aquaponics and so on,” said Morgan. 

Along with this team at 100 Garden, Morgan has implemented several aquaponic labs in Haiti and in many schools, prisons and other places throughout Charlotte. And with his life now on the line, he is laying the groundwork for a facility that will serve the entire community.

"Turns out to be a beautifully put together and detailed brand new, big greenhouse with all the labs behind it, water tanks and some classrooms,” said Morgan. “So it becomes a landmark, just a gorgeous landmark is what it will be." 

Known as an Aqueous One, the landmark will be funded through the sell of Morgan's very own works of art. Each piece representing the vision of man given just weeks to leave his mark. 

Morgan's art will be auctioned off this Thursday at Elder Art Gallery in Dilworth. He hopes to raise at least $100K to put towards the Aqueous One project.

And the state-of-the-art facility will be located east of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library off West Blvd.