E-scooter safety concerns remain sticking point for some Charlotte officials

Everywhere you look in uptown, NoDa, South End and other popular areas of Charlotte you’ll see them: E-scooters. These days, they are just about as common as the street lights they're next to.

The city has had to adapt to them, but now, some say even more needs to be done to improve the safety of them. 

“I ride it when I’m bored or got to get somewhere quick,” Tony Boone said. 

Charlotte is one of over a hundred cities that have the scooters. That has meant working out kinks and regulation, and also safety.

Consumer Reports actually did an investigation on e-scooter safety, calling around to hospitals in nearly 50 cities. They found at least 15,000 riders had been injured.

There’s no word of charlotte was included in that study, but the information is not lost on Charlotte City Councilman Larken Egleston. 

“There’s nowhere where people have found they can get around and not have some risk.  We can't regulate out, completely that risk,” Egleston said. 

E-scooter company 'Bird' says those injuries only amount to a very small percentage of overall use, and they say cities are the ones that need to adapt to scooter use. Egleston, though, says they should be treated the same as bikes.
”We’re trying to accommodate them as we're working on our bicycle infrastructure, and that's an appropriate place for them to be on a lot of different roads,” Egleston said. 

Some riders, though, say there are just some bad apples creating more dangerous conditions with the scooters.

“Jumping and getting out in front of people…I honestly don't see it too often, but when I do see it, I think that drives the bad attitudes,” Adam Nygaard told FOX 46. 

Many say it’s really about making good choices and being careful while riding. 

“Be smart with them, don't go too fast, because they can go fast,” Boone said. 

We did reach out CMPD for numbers specific to Charlotte on injuries that have resulted from e-scooter use, whether it's the riders or pedestrians. We’ll let you know when we hear back from them.