Early morning road rage incident leads to shooting in Lancaster Co.

Two Lancaster County men were arrested after a violent road rage incident early Friday morning.

Lancaster County Sheriff's Office received a report from a 26-year-old man who told them his vehicle had been shot in to.

Deputies met with the victim who said he was heading west on Highway 9 when a silver pick-up truck with several men inside pulled onto the highway in a reckless manner almost hitting his vehicle.

Deputies say the victim told them the men inside the truck were honking and yelling at him. After an exchange of words the suspect Joshua Aaron Horne fired a rifle into the trunk of the vehicle the victim was driving. No injuries were reported.

Not long after deputies got a call about a truck matching the one of the suspect driving through a yard on Bethel Boat Landing Road.

Deputies arrived and found the truck with two rifles and five men inside. Deputies also found a deer carcass in the bed of the truck.

Two of the men Joshua Aaron Horne and Joseph Lee Sistare were charged and arrested. Charges are pending for the unlawful killing of the deer.