Effects of Hurricane Matthew felt in Charlotte

Normally, folks would be jogging or riding their bikes here along Six Mile Creek, but after steady rain Friday in Ballantyne, Six Mile Creek covered the greenway.

Emergency management uses stream gauges and creek cameras to keep an eye on problem areas.

"The amount of rain isn't as important as the rate of rain. Two inches in an afternoon or over the whole day isn't an issue. Two inches in 30 minutes or four inches in an hour becomes problematic," said Chief Rich Granger, director of Emergency Management.

Since the rain is expected to have a much bigger impact on the coast and our neighbors to the south, Charlotte rescue crews left Friday morning to help out.

The effort is streamlined thanks to computer programs lined up by Charlotte-Mecklenburg officials this summer.

"It runs from all 100 counties in North Carolina so every county puts their information in so everyone can get the big picture on weather response across the state. It allows us to put in resource requests if we need additional assistance and share what resources we have available," said Elaney Katsafanas, Emergency Management planner.