Elderly man left at Charlotte-Douglas airport without wheelchair or attendant

Lost bags are common among airlines, but rarely do they lose passengers. 

"When you're in the baggage area the next step is to get your bags and run outside," Barbara Griffin explained. 

That's not what happened when Griffin picked up her husband, Charlie Griffin, at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport on Sunday.

Her 89-year-old husband flew back from Orlando via Frontier Airlines with a ticket stating he needed assistance and a wheel chair at all times. Everything was going smoothly until both the wheelchair and attendant vanished at baggage claim.

"I got out of the wheelchair to look at the bags and he was going to get it off for me. Well, we waited and waited and I looked around and he was gone," Charlie Hughes said. 

For nearly two hours his wife circled the airport, searching for her husband.

"I didn't see him when I went in there so I started texting him and riding around the airport after the cop told me not no pull over again until he was standing on the curb," Griffin said. 

Charlie finally made it to the curb. His only assistance was his cane.

"When I pulled up he was standing on the curb, leaning on his cane, with his suitcase that was real heavy. I jumped out of the car and loaded his suitcase," Griffin said. 

That's when Griffin found out her husband was left alone. He couldn't call her because he's hard of hearing and he couldn't text because his free hand was on his cane for support.

Both Griffin and Hughes are still waiting for an explanation from Frontier Airlines.

"I was furious with the airline about leaving him in the baggage area to fend for himself," Griffin said. 

Frontier Airlines tells FOX 46 Charlotte they are looking in to the situation and trying to figure out if an airline or airport employee was involved.