Elderly man's classic car destroyed by suspect fleeing police

When you look at pictures of the damage it may be hard to recognize, but the car is a 1966 Ford Mustang.

"I want it fixed, yes,” said owner, 89-year-old Theodore Simpson.

For Simpson classic cars are his passion.

"I've got one older than that. I've got a ‘55 Ford truck,” said Simpson.

Although health problems sidelined Theodore from driving, he still came out everyday to the car sitting in his driveway.

"I would just sit there and read that paper, that's all,” said Simpson.

But his routine Monday took a detour.

"I came out all this noise and I didn’t hear nothing. I came out here and the truck, a 4 door pickup truck, I can't believe a truck did all that damage,” explained Simpson.

Police were following a stolen pick-up truck down Newland Road in the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood when the suspect missed a turn, crashing right into the side of the ’66 Mustang.

"I was hurt for him because that's his baby and for somebody who wasn't doing the right thing, could ruin something that he loves,” said Vena Holmes.

Holmes is Theodore's niece and caretaker. She couldn't believe the damage to the car. The doo no longer opens, so all her uncle can do is stand outside and stare at his classic ride.

"He told me one time old cars are better than the new cars because they last longer,” said Holmes.

FOX 46 is working to get results by finding a local body shop willing to help fix the damage.

"He still want's his car fixed, bad,” said Holmes.

If you think you can help Theodore get results, e-mail me at brett.baldeck@foxtv.com.