Elderly woman target of Publisher's Clearing House scam in Iredell County

A Mooresville woman said a scammer tried to defraud her 82-year-old aunt but she wasn’t falling for it. Now, they’re fighting back by warning others to safeguard their information.

FOX 46 Charlotte didn’t get an answer when we called the number the scammer gave to Glenda Souther and her Aunt Louis. Glenda said the scammer told her aunt she’d won big.

“I received a call from a gentleman who said he was from the Publisher’s Clearing House and that she had won the money for $1.4 million and $5,000 a week and that they were going to be there in 15 minutes. She said you’re going to be where and he said in your driveway. She said ‘no you’re not,’” Glenda said.

She told him to meet her at the police station but he was persistent and tried to get her information saying the IRS needed it before she could claim her money.

“We’ll bring it there and he said ‘but you have to give me your social security number.’ She told him ‘I’m not giving my information to anyone,’” Glenda explained.

A month passed and he called back again. This time, giving Lois a fake IRS number for her to call herself. However, Glenda said it was the same number he’d called from before.

“Immediately she hung up and we called the Publisher’s Clearing House and told them and she said are you reporting a scam and said yes we are. She gave them the information and then she called the Attorney General,” Glenda said.  

Publishers Clearing House has tips on their website for avoiding scams like this one. First, be suspicious of callers claiming you won, especially those asking for money. PCH said they don’t call their winners.

Next, never give out your credit card or financial information. Scammers can use this to clean out your accounts. And last, call the company. PCH said they’ll answer any questions regarding sweepstakes and let your report a scam.