Election results roll in, Vi Lyles declared Charlotte's new mayor

Residents all over Charlotte and further cast their ballots on Tuesday to elect mayors, city council members, vote on measures and more.

For Charlotte specifically, this year's election has brought the sixth mayor since 2009 since incumbent mayor Jennifer Roberts was beat out by Democratic nominee Vi Lyles in the primaries. 

Lyles won the mayoral race and gave a speech just before 9:30 p.m. when results showed her in lead at 59% with 68% of precincts reporting. 

Kenny Smith gave his concession speech shortly after. 

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Final results for the mayoral elections in our area showed: 


  • Vi Lyles- 59% (WINNER)
  • Kenny Smith- 41%


  • Bill Dusch- 40% (WINNER)
  • Alfred Brown, Jr.- 26%
  • Liz Poole- 22%
  • Anthony Weiss- 10%
  • Willie Clay- 1%


  • Russell Knox, Jr.-  57% (WINNER)
  • John Woods- 26%
  • Laurie Venzon- 17%


  • Walker Reid- 59% (WINNER)
  • John Bridgeman- 41%


  • Steve Sciascia- 58% (WINNER)
  • Christopher Barfield- 42%


  • Darrell Hinnant- 69% (WINNER) 
  • Dennis Johnson- 31%


  • Paul Bailey- 60% (WINNER)
  • Larry Whitley- 40%


  • Jack Edwards- 57% (WINNER) 
  • Amelia Stinson-Wesley- 22%
  • David Phillips- 21%

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