Elementary school crossing guard recovering after being hit by truck

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An elementary school crossing guard is recovering from a scary accident that left him with several injuries. 

Kyle Hill has three broken ribs, a broken collar bone, and a cut on his head after he was hit while doing his job, but on Thursday, his family told FOX 46 “it could have been a lot worse.” 

“He was lying flat and you could tell the way his body was positioned that he was in a lot of pain" 

Hill has been the crossing guard outside Rocky River Elementary School since the beginning on the year. 

"People were getting out of their cars and rushing to him it just happened," parent Melissa Robinson said. 

In a shocking incident, he was hit by a white pickup truck. Parents were rushing to help Hill, who was laying on the ground outside of the school in Monroe.

"Once I’m exiting the school I notice the crossing guard isn't there directing traffic. I just saw him he was in his jumpsuit," Wanda Strickfaden said.

At 7 a.m. Thursday, Hill waved Strickfaden's car into the school, but by the time she pulled out: “The ambulance came, the firetruck came, and they put him on a gurney,” Strickfaden told FOX 46.

"It was terrifying. I didn't know if he was okay,” Robinson said. 

She also says this has happened before.

"Last year it was a janitor who was working as the crossing guard and he was grazed but he wasn't injured like Mr. Hill was injured this was serious." 

Hill was rushed to atrium hospital in Dilworth. He suffered three broken ribs, a broken collar bone, and a cut on his head.

"He has to have more than a jumpsuit. There should be lights on him something that allows and attracts cars to know that he is there and to respect what he is doing," Strickfaden said.

Now, parents concerns are growing. Some are simply asking drivers to slow down. 

"Could this have been a kid? And the answer is yeah it could have been a could have been a kid," Robinson said. 

Many are praying for Hill's speedy recovery.

"He is there every morning, he is kind to all the parents and he doesn't deserve this and we want to make sure that he is taken care of," said Strickfaden.

Troopers tell FOX 46 no charges have been filed against the driver parents believe police should be directing the traffic.

The school sent out an email letting parents know exactly what happened, and on Thursday night, the family asked drivers to "be cautious of your surroundings, especially in school zones."