Elementary school principal accused of assaulting child

Credit: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

A Lincoln County principal has been charged after he reportedly assaulted a child at an elementary school. 

Deputies with the Sheriff's Office received a report on Nov. 30 stating that a student at Union Elementary had been assaulted by the school principal, 43-year-old Patrick Mitchell Nelson, on Nov. 27. 

During the investigation, it was determined that the student was brought into the Principal Nelson's office to address behavioral concerns when the student ran out of the office into the hallway. 

Nelson then grabbed the student by the back of the shirt collar causing the child to fall to the floor. Deputies say the student was then dragged back into the office. 

Nelson is charged with one count of assault on a child under 12 years old. He was taken before a Lincoln County magistrate on Tuesday, Dec. 4 and given a $500 unsecured bond.