Elizabeth residents worry about crime after woman carjacked at gunpoint

Neighbors came rushing to the aid of a woman who was held at gunpoint and had her car stolen Thursday afternoon.

It happened on Cranbrook Lane in the Elizabeth neighborhood of Charlotte. The suspect crashed the stolen car on Randolph Road which is not too far away from the neighborhood where it was stolen.

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"I saw a neighbor of mine sitting on the curb on the phone. She looked a little bit upset so I went over to talk to her and she said a guy had actually stolen her car and put a gun to hear head," said neighbor, Ryan Ames.

That "guy" actually turned out to be a 15-year-old boy.

The woman may be without a car for now, but more importantly, she wasn't hurt.

"She was generally pretty calm. Me and my girlfriend hung out with her for about an hour after it happened while we were waiting for police to arrive and she was joking around and actually taking it pretty well under the circumstances," said Ames. CMPD says the 15-year-old's crime spree started along Monroe Road near Puhlman Street in East Charlotte.

He was caught breaking into a car outside a business and then began firing off several shots when someone confronted him.

The boy left the scene before CMPD arrived, but police got another 911 call soon after along Cranbrook Lane.The two scenes are only about a 22 minute walk from one another. Witnesses say the boy waited on the front steps of the apartment complex before the carjacking victim pulled in. "When stuff like this happens you want to come together and brain storm," said Tommy Murrell.

Murrell has lived in the neighborhood for two years. Up until recently, he says things have been quiet.

"Really over the past couple of months we have had a couple of break ins a couple of windows being smashed in on our car,' said Murrel.

CMPD responded to several suspicious person calls along Cranbrook Lane in October. Neighbors are unsure if the person they have been spotting is the 15-year-old who was arrested Thursday.