Emotional tribute to newborn's twin 'guardian angel' goes viral

Photo: Jessica Young Photography 

A compassionate photographer helped honor the memory of a woman’s late son while she photographed his newborn twin sister. 

Inside Edition reports that Heather Bowman went through IVF treatment to get pregnant. Not having a life partner, she knew she would have to raise her baby alone. When she got pregnant with twins, she was nervous after having already lost one twin pregnancy which she conceived through a donor. 

Because Bowman has a unicornuate uterus, a condition when a woman only has half a uterus, her pregnancy was considered high-risk, and she said she was nervous for much of it. At 18 weeks pregnant, she found out her son, James, did not survive, Inside Edition reports

She made it to 36 weeks, carrying both James and her daughter Leticia, before doctors had to perform a C-section due to preeclampsia.  

Bowman broke down crying and when the time came to take the photo with Jessica Young Photography, saying the moment was priceless. She added that all her daughter could do was look over to where her brother would have been. 

"Today I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with sweet Lettie, her mom, and her grandma. Lettie’s mama is one seriously strong, amazing, badass mom. She has gone through quite the journey to motherhood. Lettie has a twin brother, James, who didn’t make it. We wanted to honor him in Lettie’s photos," Jessica Young shared on social media.