Envision your financial future

A pile of magazines, a pair of scissors, tape and some poster board. It’s part of Mel Miller’s financial planning. 

“It’s only a goal if you can make it real, how do you make it real? You have to keep it in front of you,” she says. 

It’s called a vision board and it’s a way to keep what you want and what you’re working toward right in front of you. So you never lose sight of your goals. 

“For me keeping things in front of me makes me make them happen. Yes some of its that universe thing where people say if you put it out in the universe, you know, things will happen. I’m going to help the universe along when I can.”

Miller says the key is to get as specific as possible. If you’re dreaming of buying that red convertible, find a picture of the exact make and model and put it on your board. Planning a wedding? Find pictures of the perfect venue, flowers or dress. Even modest goals – buying new patio furniture – should go on the board. 

If you’re trying to pay down debt, list each of them out on your board and put a zero balance. Envision all of your debt paid off. 

Miller says words matter greatly in a vision board so take care to choose the ones that motivate you the most. 

She says, “For me it’s usually the why that’s more important than the money, it’s I want that! It’s that why, that’s why I’m saving.”

If this sounds like fun, that’s the point says Miller. Multiply the fun and the effectiveness by bringing your friends into the process. Throw a vision board party and allow other people’s dreams and goals to inspire you.  

“We do a vision board party every year. We have multiple people in the room and we talk and sometimes you see someone else doing something and you’re like, i didn’t know i wanted that but now i want that,” Miller says. 

Once you’ve made your vision board, frame it and hang it up where you’ll see it every day. Don’t stop there – Miller recommends snapping a screenshot of your masterpiece and using it as the screensaver on your phone or computer. Consider printing a smaller version and keeping it taped to the visor of your car. 

The point is, financial vision boards only work when you keep them front and center. It’ll keep you from splurging on Starbucks and focused on funding those financial dreams. 

If you’d like to follow up with Mel Miller with your own financial planning, you can find her contact information on anchor Diana Alvear’s facebook page.