Evidentiary hearing on 9th Congressional District irregularities to be held in January

A public evidentiary hearing into irregularities in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District election will be held after the first of the year, officials say.

The State Board of Elections & Ethics Enforcement says the hearing will be held at 10 a.m. on January 11. State investigators say they are awaiting additional documents from parties subpoenaed in this matter and finalizing the investigation prior to the hearing.

The location and details of the proceedings have not yet been released.

North Carolina’s state legislature voted Wednesday to require both new primary and general elections should the state elections board decide to call for a redo. Accusations of voter fraud and ballot irregularities have bedeviled the 9th Congressional District election.

Both Republicans and Democrats support the idea of a new election, as the congressional race is at the center of an election fraud investigation. 

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Republican Mark Harris led Democrat Dan McCready by about 900 votes out of nearly 283,000 cast in the district, which the GOP has held since 1963. But issues with absentee ballots have prevented Harris from being certified the winner as the state elections board continues to investigate allegations of “irregularities and concerted fraudulent activities.”

The probe has chiefly focused on absentee ballots, particularly in Bladen County – the only county among the eight in the district where Harris won a majority of mail-in ballots over McCready.

Both Harris and McCready have said they would support a new election.

FOX News contributed to this report. FOX 46 reported on this story from Charlotte.