Exclusive: Suspect tries to flee from courthouse, gets tackled

A suspect bolted from a Moore County courtroom Tuesday just as he was about to be arrested on a warrant for not paying child support.

Gregory Alston faced a judge on charges of assaulting a female and driving with a revoked license. According to witnesses, he ran out of the courtroom and made it out of the building before being tackled outside a back doorway.

"We've got a runner," yelled a deputy.

FOX 46 witnessed the end of the chase. Alston was laying face down in rocks with a deputy on top of him. 

"My eye. I need help for my eye," said Alston. 

"You'll be alright," a deputy said.

"No I won't," replied Alston, who was seen squinting his right eye. 

Alston was taken to Moore Regional Hospital before taken to jail.