FAA investigating debris found in northeast Charlotte

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating whether debris found in northeast Charlotte is from an air plane that left Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Thursday.

FOX 46 Charlotte spoke to Wells Fargo employees where the debris was found. They say when they came into work, they weren't expecting to find their entire parking deck covered in police crime scene tape.

Employees say at first they thought it was a bomb threat but officials told them, they were there investigating metal debris.

Officials said that American Airlines 730, an airbus 330 aircraft, landed safely at the airport at 7:35 p.m. after the crew reported a possible engine problem and declared an emergency.

The flight left Charlotte earlier in the evening for Heathrow Airport in London, the FAA said.

Local police told the FAA that debris was found in the area of Interstate 85 and Harris Blvd.

The FAA said they are working to determine if the debris is from the aircraft.

FOX 46 Charlotte got ahold of the emergency radio call the pilots of American Airlines flight 730 made to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport: