Facebook cracking down on foreign interference in 2020 election

Facebook says it is cracking down on foreign interference in this year's election after being heavily criticized for not doing enough to stop it in 2016.

In 2016, intelligence agencies concluded Russian operatives stole the identities of U.S. citizens posed as political activists on Facebook to organize rallies and manipulated divisive issues to sow discontent and undermine our democracy.

Facebook acknowledges it was not ready for what happened in 2016, but says it is working with the FBI and Homeland Security to prevent a repeat of that.

The company says it has implemented new technology to fight election interference from Russia, Iran and China, targeting primary voters through the use of fake accounts and pages with the goal of spreading misinformation.

You have core teams of determined experts across the community focused on this challenge and working together to make sure that public debate heading into the election is authentic and open and clear

This month, Facebook says it blocked nearly 80 accounts, 11 pages and nearly 30 groups attempting to influence the primaries.