Family finds hope after losing home of 15 years to fire

Neighbors are working to help a Catawba family after their house went up in flames.

“Just glad to be alive because it could’ve been a whole lot worse. My wife, kids, myself anyone of us could’ve perished.” Moe Belk said. 

It was a night of chaos and his family when a fire broke out inside their home. 

“Kids falling down stairs, people struggling trying to get out. I am trying to direct saying let’s go through the back. They are trying to get out the first door they see. Everybody panicked.” Belk said. 

Once the smoke cleared, their home of nearly 15 years was lost. Belk says an electrical fire near the front door is to blame. His daughter and two young grandkids were all upstairs when the fire started. 

“Out of all the fire and the rooms around it burned all up. Guess what's left-- the Holy Bible.” 

Belk says if there's anything good that's come from this tragedy behind me it's the helping hands from not only friends but strangers as well. 

“People have donated. Whether it be clothing, food or money, whatever it takes. A very nice young couple offered us dinner.” 

Now, with a fresh perspective, Belk says he's going to use this experience to be a better person going forward. 

“He gave us another chance to be closer, to be a better family, to be a tighter knit family and that's what's going to happen.” 

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