Family, friends remember Billy Graham at funeral

Billy Graham's children and sister shared the stories they hold near and dear to their hearts during Friday’s funeral. As is the family trait, Graham's sister began her eulogy with lighthearted laughter.

"You don't know how funny it makes me feel to sit here and look at my house. My husband and I just had an argument about which room was mine," said Jean Ford, Billy Graham’s sister.

Their childhood house served as the backdrop for Billy’s heavenly homecoming.

"February the 21st heaven came down and took my brother from me. One day, heaven will come down and take me.

Graham's eldest daughter Gigi read a poem her mother wrote as a child. A prayer for the man God would make her husband.

"Dear God, I prayed all unafraid as we're inclined to do. I do not need a handsome man, let him be like you," said Gigi, Graham’s daughter.

She and her brother Franklin happy their parents are together.

"She was his soulmate in life and when she passed away 11 years ago this coming June it was a huge hole in his heart. He missed my mother," said Franklin Graham.

Unconditional love that carried Billy’s daughter Ruth through her divorce and life struggles.

"He wrapped his arms around me and said welcome home. There was no shame, no blame, there was no condemnation, just unconditional love. My father was not god, but he showed me what god was like that day.”

A likeness to God Graham's son, Ned, says we can all imitate.

"He was faithful, available, and teachable. I want each one of you to remember that.”

An invitation Graham’s daughter Anne says she accepts.

"I want to make a pledge to my daddy…I will preach the word. I will do the work of an evangelist…I will run my ways and live my life so that five minutes before I see Jesus I have no regrets… I love you daddy."

A love that doesn't end here, says Billy’s son Franklin.

"Daddy, I won't see you on this earth again, but I will see you again. Maybe soon, but not yet. To God be the glory."