Family grieving after father of 4 killed in I-77 crash

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A family is grieving the loss of a son, brother and father of four after he was killed by a drunk driver over the weekend.

“No parent should have to bury a child,” said Philip Hayes Sr.

His son, Philip Hayes Jr., 33, was killed in a fiery car crash in the early morning hours of Sunday, Feb. 11. Hayes was a rapper and entrepreneur, but most importantly, a family man.

"He had a great career and future ahead of him that was taken away too soon and four children which are now fatherless."

Hayes Jr. even coached his 9-year-old son’s basketball team, making sure he spent time with and invested in his children.  

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"My brother was a really good person. He had a good heart. He went above and beyond for his kids. He was a family man. He was really involved in their lives."

Now, a group of young men, are left without their greatest role model.

"Without him it literally feels like a piece of our soul is gone."

"He was everything I wanted to be. He was who I looked up to. He was my big brother. We were only a year apart. It was unfair."

It was an unimaginable crash, that could have been prevented. Investigators say Hayes and a friend, Jessica Picatte, a mother of seven were both killed instantly when they were rear ended by Roy Mewborn, who has now been charged with two counts of felony death by vehicle and DWI.

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"People have to know there is another way to travel than driving drunk."

The Hayes family hopes to turn their grief, into motivation. They want to see stiffer laws to prevent drunk driving, so another father, coach, and family man, isn't lost too soon.

If you'd like to help the Hayes family, you can donate to their GoFundMe by clicking here