Family members of the man shot and killed by a Dallas police officer speak out

It’s the Monday before Christmas. Family members of the man who died along Highway 321 are visiting Charlotte. Not to celebrate the holiday, but to bury their brother.

"We're going to get our brother's body and take it home to Mississippi. It's kind of tough right now," said the victim’s younger brother Pink Townsend.

51 year old Ronnie Carr was shot 5 times by an officer during a police chase near Dallas last week according to state investigators.

Authorities say Carr was connected with two men who were trying to pass fake checks at Ingles grocery store in Dallas.

Officials believe Carr was their getaway driver.

"If my brother would still be alive right now, he would have gotten due process, go to court if he did anything wrong, but he didn't get the opportunity," said Townsend.

He says Carr was the eldest of six.

According to Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office, Carr did have a criminal record. Forgery in 2013 and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill in 2014. Carr's siblings wouldn't talk to us about his criminal history.

"Whether it's true or untrue, we just want people to know we're a grieving family. We don't need the extras. We just want to take our brother, give him the proper burial he needs, and move on from this," said Dana Northern, the victim’s younger sister.

We reached out to the Gaston County’s district attorney's office to learn more about the investigation and request dash cam video, but they wouldn't speak with us. As for the three officers involved in the shooting, we’re told no one has been charged at this point.

State investigators say the officer shot his gun six times, hitting Ronnie Carr 5 of those times.

Authorities say the officer shot Carr after he hit a patrol vehicle and started driving toward the officer.