Family mourns young mother gunned down in Salisbury

A Salisbury family is grieving after a young mother was killed in a drive-by shooting Tuesday.

“She was an angel. You just had to meet her,” April Miller said. 

It's been less than 24 hours since 19-year-old Mya Miller was found dead. Today, her mother is trying to put into words what made her daughter so unique. 

“You couldn’t be down around her because she would put a smile on your face. She would even give you a hug and tell you everything would be ok. She was just that one out of 10 million.” 

Salisbury Police say Mya, the mother of a 10-month-old, was shot Tuesday afternoon while sitting in the passenger seat of a blue Saturn at the intersection of East 11th Street and North Long Street. She later died at the hospital. 

LINK: 19-year-old woman shot and killed in Salisbury drive-by shooting

32-year-old Jeffrey Hooker was arrested and charged with her murder. 

“Her love was genuine and you couldn’t help but to feel it from when she was a baby…you could feel the love from her. I want you to understand the world is missing an angel,” April said. 

It's that love Mya had for everyone that has her family relying on faith to get them through this tough time. 

“You took a young mother from her young son and we may forgive you, but my experience with something like this is you need to ask God to forgive you,” 

“We forgive him and I am believing God that he will give his life to the Lord and repent, but we don’t hate him. We do forgive him, 

Now, her 10-month old son is with only pictures to remember his mother by. Mya’s grandmother says it's up to them to keep her legacy alive. 

“Keep that love that she has flowing and wrap her son up with so much love,”