Family of Donqwavias Davis speaks out after death of 22-year-old

The older brother of a man shot and killed says he's heartbroken over his brother's death-- the result of what he says was a mior verbal argument.

"If I want to go see my brother I got to sit there in a graveyard to talk to my brother. There ain't no peace in that, man. It aint no peace in that," said Willie Davis, the older brother of Donqwavias Davis. 

Emotions were pouring out of Davis' brother. The arrest of a suspect Saturday morning was no consolation to him.

"They lost a protector, they lost someone who is very respectful. If you were a friend with him, he loved you like he was your family," he said. 

Davis was shot to death Wednesday evening near UNC Charlotte at the University Village Apartments. His brother says he was at a pool party when friends before things turned deadly.

"They were just having a good time. They didn’t even know each other. It was just like verbal disagreement," he said. 

He says everyone knew his brother Lake Park Neighborhood in Union County growing up there.

"This basketball court is where my brother used to play at all the time. Probably every yard around here my brother has cut their yard," he said. 

Willie says his brother was passionate about music and looks to keep his legacy alive through that. He adds next weekend will be especially difficult because of the surprise they had in store for Mother's Day. 

"We were actually planning on doing a Mother’s Day song for our momma. We were going to get together and do a Mother's Day song that would’ve been the first song we did together," he said.