Family of murder victim pleads for peace in Queen City

Family and friends of a man shot and killed in broad daylight are calling for peace as they honored their loved one Sunday night in Charlotte. The family of Germany Byers say they have lived in Charlotte all their life and are tired of seeing violence happen weekly in city streets.

"I mean it's hurtful. It's hurtful for me to even sit here and talk to you all about this," said Jarvis Byers.

Camp Greene Park, the same park where Jarvis Byers and his cousin Germany grew up playing basketball, now the scene of a candlelight vigil to say goodbye.

"Germany, as we called him Quinn, he was a lovable person. He made you laugh. He would do anything for you," said Byers.

Germany was shot and killed last Tuesday in broad daylight near Beatties Ford Road and LaSalle. He's now one of the 18 people who have been killed this year in the Queen City as a result of violence. Byers leaves behind 3 children, the youngest only three weeks old.

"He has a son and he has another daughter that know their father. They are able to see that their dad is no longer here," said Byers.

Kyerra Guinn has been charged with the murder, but it's not enough for the victims family. They are tired of seeing violence in the city they have called home all their life.

"Put the guns down. Talk about certain situations. Lets try to get together and vibe through these situations. There are a whole lot of ways things can be settled besides pulling out guns," said Byers.

Police have not released a motive for the shooting, but the Byers family believes it stems from some sort of altercation the day before and they believe more people could be involved.