Family remembers mother of 3 killed by boyfriend on anniversary of her death

Today marks one year since a mother of three was shot and killed by her boyfriend before he kidnapped their 3-month-old child and ambushed police officers at CMPD Headquarters. 

Brittany White was just 24-years-old when she lost her life at the hands of her then boyfriend and father to one of her children Jonathan Bennett on Jan. 11, 2018. 

This day is a very tough one for her family members. FOX 46 spoke with her aunt, who says it certainly doesn't seem like a year has gone by.

“First, I would let Brittany know Aunt Carla loves you. I was so proud of you-- I am proud of you Brittany,” Carla Hayes said. “You were very bold and not fearful you followed your dreams and you didn't allow people to hold you back.”

Carla says Brittany took all of the steps she could to protect herself and her children from the man who took her life. 

“You made me very proud of you Brittany, and this was not your fault, you did everything right you were supposed to do. You did everything you were supposed to do.” 

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Carla says Brittany had filed multiple restraining orders against Bennett, and had gone to the police several times.

“Charlotte failed my niece because she did everything she was supposed to do, even the police force, everyone says ‘report it,’ but what good is it if you report and you don't do anything. Because if you did anything he should've been behind bars. My niece did exactly what she was supposed to do multiple times and that man was still walking free.” 

It was after Bennett killed White and took off with their three-month-old that he ambushed officers at police headquarters, something CMPD Chief Kerr Putney addressed in a news conference today.

"Kind of wore my heart on my sleeve-- it was the first time ever we were under attack in our own home so to speak,” Putney said.

One year post-tragedy, Brittany's aunt says domestic violence is a crisis facing our country that needs to be focused on and fixed.

“Domestic violence is a crisis and has been for years. When are we-- as a nation-- what are we going to do to start putting efforts to resolve it, to fix it? People are dying at the hands of people all across this nation from domestic violence.” 

All three of Brittany’s children are now living with their grandmother in Pittsburg. 

During this difficult time, Brittany’s family continues to stick together, and hold on to the cherished memories they have with her.