Family says local hotel kicked them out after they discovered bed bugs

A father says his family is out the street after being kicked out of a hotel after discovering bed bugs.  

Bryan Banks tells FOX 46 that he and his family were put out of the Suburban Extended Stay.

Banks says waking up to being bitten by bed bugs was one thing but the fact that he and one and three-year-old daughter are on the street tonight is worse. 

Banks was able to catch one of the bugs in a glass bottle, but he believes it was the work of many that left bite marks all over his fiancé and his two small children.

"We're waking up two in the morning and bed bugs were crawling on us," Banks said. 

The family has been staying at the hotel on Queen City Road in Charlotte for a month. Bryan says he and his family have been getting bit since they've been there, but until they saw the bugs they thought it was something else. 

"We thought they were mosquitoes when we were getting bit at first until we actually saw them," said Banks.

Once they knew for sure, Bryan says he alerted management. The hotel moved the family and instructed them to put their clothes in the bag to try to kill off any remaining bugs, but Bryan says they later asked him to leave. 

"They've denied us access to the rooms. I'm scared to go out because they may not let me and my little girls back in. They are not being reasonable about this," he said. 

He says since they're home isn't ready and they don't have anywhere to go. 

"We don't have a plan. This is the cheapest hotel on the block. We we're planning to be here a couple more weeks. We don't have anywhere to go and they're just kicking us out." 

I talked to the hotel general manager and he said there were bed bugs in the room, but they're not from the hotel. He went on to say the family was kicked out, but it has nothing to do with the bugs.

Meanwhile, the Health Department is treating the room.