Family says video tape may prove Chester Co. mom's innocence in homicide case

A Chester County mother accused of placing her 4-day-old infant inside a refrigerator for three hours appeared in court Tuesday to face charges. However, shocking new developments involving a video tape may prove she is innocent, according to the mother's family. 

The family is adamant she didn't do this, and they are trying to get police to see cell phone video of another person that was there on that day. 

Billy Lewis said his daughter-in-law, Angela Blackwell, isn't guilty of killing her son in February. He claims someone else did it and they have video proof. 

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Lewis said there is cell phone video of an autistic child who was visiting the family in February showing the child placing a teddy bear in the fridge.

"He showed his friend how it happened. He picked the baby up...took it to the refrigerator and closed the door," Lewis said. 

Blackwell is accused of putting her 4-day-old son William in a refrigerator, then coming back three hours later and calling for help. 

Lewis told FOX 46 Charlotte that Blackwell would never harm her boys. 

"There's no bruises, no scratches or cuts on the child....what else can you say to this. She didn't hurt the child, she didn't do nothing to cause it to die," Lewis said. 

That day on February Lewis said was routine for Blackwell. 

"She just fed him and laid him back down in his bassinet in the living room here. And she went to bed and then when the next feeding come, she went to get him and couldn't find him," Lewis explained. 

FOX 46 Charlotte requested to see the video but Lewis said his son Jeff "didn't have the video on him". 

Chester County deputies arrested Blackwell on Monday and on Tuesday she was in court for a bond hearing. 

FOX 46 Charlotte spoke to Blackwell's lawyer outside court and asked about the video. He said the only thing he's gotten from investigators is the arrest warrant. 

The Chester County Coroners Office said William died of hypothermia and asphyxiation from being in the fridge. If Blackwell is convicted, she could face 20 years to life in prison.