Family speaks out after 22-year-old woman struck, killed in Steele Creek

"It's been tough. It's a big loss, an unexpected loss. She was very,very young. She was only 22-year's-old," said Frankie Pickens, Breondra Newman's aunt.

Those words from Newman's aunt.  Her niece was struck and killed early Saturday morning along South Tryon Street

"She brought a lot of joy to this family. She was spoiled. She was the baby of the family," said Pickens. 

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According to police, they arrived on scene to find Newman, her disabled car and two other people that were with her in the middle of the street on Westinghouse Blvd. near the intersection of South Tryon Street.

A tow truck was requested and the two other people were driven home by officers.

The police go onto say they offered to take Newman home, but she remained on scene going back and forth from the gas station while she waited on the tow truck..

After the car was removed, police went to go look for Newman at the gas station before getting a call that she was hit.

"It's been tough. She was definitely beloved. We would feel a lot better about the situation if we had some answers," said Pickens.

Pickens says some those answers include making sure a thorough investigation into her niece's death is done.  

"We want to make sure things were done properly and according to protocol," she said. "If it can be evaluated in terms of could it have been done differently. I know it won't bring her back, but it may save another family from being in this situation under these circumstances."