Family struggles to heal after dead son's identity stolen

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A father is speaking out after he said  someone stole his deceased son’s identity.

“They’re not just stealing someone’s identity, but also hurting the family of the person who passed away,” Henry E. Womble II said. 

Womble’s son passed away last October. A few months after laying his son to rest, he and his wife Lori started getting phone calls and letters in the mail.

Here’s one of the voicemail recordings: “I’m looking to speak with Justin Womble. I’m contacting you regarding fraudulent activity associated with your name and social security number. It’s important that we get in touch with you immediately about the situation here.”

Womble said he and his wife have been getting calls like this nearly every day. Sometimes more than once a day. The voicemail never reveals the name of the company. FOX 46 Charlotte tried calling one of the numbers, but no one answered.

“It causes a lot of pain, suffering and grief that is not necessary for the family to go through. You’ve spoken with Ms. Womble and it’s very traumatizing to her at this time,” Womble said. 

And it gets worse. Womble said the Department of Commerce told him someone has been drawing unemployment using his deceased son’s social security number.

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office said that creates a paper trail which makes it possible to catch whoever could be behind this.

“They had to have filled out the proper paperwork and submitted information. They must have an address here in North Carolina to get that. Hopefully that can lead to charges,” Captain John Sifford with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office said. 

Mr. Womble said he has contacted authorities - from local police all the way up to the FBI. But he’s still getting the phone calls. All he wants, he says, is justice for his son.

“I’d like for the person or persons who are doing this to be held responsible and brought up for legal and public documentation and exposed so they can’t hurt anybody else,” Womble said. 

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