Family surprised with much-needed wheelchair accessible van

It was a gift too big for the Christmas tree, so Santa parked it out front of a home in Midland.

Telisha Carew walked out her front door on Christmas Eve and was surprised with a brand new wheelchair accessible van.

"You have no idea how much of a blessing this is to not have to lift Bryceion out who keeps growing and growing and growing and gets heavier and heavier,” said Carew.

Bryceion cannot walk, talk, or swallow after oxygen deprivation at birth. His birth mother is unable to care for him. Bryceion captured the heart of Telisha, his hospital nurse, who is now his legal guardian.

"A lot of people when I got him said I was crazy, you aren't going to have the time, but I want them to know that when you help others people do help you and miracles can happen today,” said Carew.

"That's a Christmas miracle. It's a miracle any way you slice it,” said Lisa Sexton, Executive Director of All Things Possible.

The organization "All Things Possible" used donations to help get results for Telisha and her family. The new van will make things a little easier. The family can now get up and go without help from others.

"Being able to make it a surprise and have her so overwhelmed with joy is what the season is all about,” said Sexton.

Next Christmas, Bryceion could be a permanent part of Telisha's family. She's now in the process of adopting him.