Family's home destroyed after company hits sewage line

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FOX 46 is working to get results for a family that’s been left to deal with a mess in their home.They say a company hired by Spectrum to lay a fiber line struck a sewage line, sending mounds of mud gushing into their newly renovated home. 

Crews from Charlotte Water were still working on Friday to fix the sewage line that the homeowners say Metrotech struck Thursday evening. 

The Montoya's just moved into their newly renovated home on North Sharon Amity Road just eight months ago, but now say the house is unlivable. 

“We're like heartbroken because I was pregnant when we were doing everything and this is our first home we brought our baby into and I can't even put her down on the floor here,” Stephanie Montoya said. 

She was home with her 14-month-old daughter when she says Metrotech workers installing a fiber line for Spectrum struck the sewer line outside. 

"I was sitting here on the couch when I heard a bubbling noise coming from the guest room bathroom and then I heard some splashing noise so I hopped up and I ran over there," she said. 

She called her husband and ran outside to tell the workers to stop. Within 15 minutes, their home was destroyed.

"Our shower pan is completely overfilled with mud and water. The toilet did the same thing, it's just mounds of mud. I've never seen anything like this before. The water rushed into our bedroom, our closets, our clothing is wet that was on the lower levels, just a mess a total disaster," Montoya said.

The Montoya's say Metrotech was apologetic and told them they would take care of the repairs, but later changed their tune and told them to file a claim with their homeowners insurance. 

"Metrotech and Spectrum do not want to assume any of the responsibility for the damages to our home and the City of Charlotte says they're not liable either so, it's going basically going back between them and our home is sitting here with mud," Montoya explained. 

Charlotte Water tells FOX 46 that Metrotech called them to locate the sewage lines and they were cleared to dig, but what they failed to do was expose the utility lines before drilling to lay the fiber line. Had they done so, they would not have struck the sewage line. 

FOX 46 also spoke to Metrotech Field Supervisor Michael Parson's, but he wouldn't comment and said our station would have to call the "higher ups" in the main office. FOX 46 didn't get an answer. 

The Montoya's say everything has to be replaced: the floors, carpets, cabinets, plumbing, and appliances. The estimated cost for that is $100,000.

"Right now what we need to find out is 'Okay who is going to be able to tell us what is going to happen, who is going to do the repairs?'" asked Andres Montoya, Stephanie's husband.

In the meantime, they are staying with family and say they'll probably rent a place because it will take months to make all the repairs.