Fans Brave the Heavy Downpours to Watch Belk Bowl, Carrie Underwood

The rainy weather may have put a damper on attendance at Charlotte’s Belk Bowl Wednesday between Mississippi State and North Carolina State. Carrie Underwood performed before the game for a free concert at the Belk Bowl Fan Fest.

Some people came just for the concert and didn’t have tickets to the game.

Rick Benfield joked sarcastically about the weather. He said, “Love it. It’s a great day for a ballgame. Amy Bristle said, “It’s a good day for ducks, right?”

Alyssa Johnson, and N.C. State fan, said “It makes me think of back when I was a student and we went to the games in the rain, but we didn’t wear ponchos and jackets because we were poor college students, so we were out there in our t-shirts just screaming our hearts out.”

Belk Bowl organizers told Fox 46 earlier this week they had already sold more than 40,000 tickets to the game, but the weather kept some away.

Bristle said, “We were able to get tickets for my sister and brother in law to come and they hit Winston, and said it was thundering and lightning, and they turned around and went home.”

Attendance and economic impact numbers aren’t in yet for this year’s Belk Bowl, but the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority said last year’s Belk Bowl had more than $16 million in economic impact for the area.