Fans fly in from all over the world for All-Star Weekend

People are flying in from all around the world for this weekend, and that means lots of traffic— in the sky and on the ground. 

You don't have to look too far to see that the welcome at Charlotte-Douglas was largely centered around something very specific— All- Star.

Those FOX 46 spoke with Thursday night were hopping off of their planes ready for the big game, but 
not necessarily for the reason you’d think.

“I’m part of a group in Uganda that is working with the NBA to form a high-level partnership,” Ambrose Tashobya told FOX 46. 

You might not think about this too much, but between all the crowds and hubbub around the Queen City this weekend, there will also be wheeling, dealing, and networking happening, too.

“All-Star Weekend gives us an outlet to connect with those people and prepare ourselves for next year,” Sydne Griffith said. 

That’s largely who we found around the airport. All-Star Weekend is their chance to get their foot in the door. 


“We just got to work for it, because if we don't work for it, we're not going to receive anything,” Jessica Forbes told FOX 46.

For others, however, there's something bigger.

“There’s all the stars they are talking about, all the activities that the NBA has planned for the All-Star,” Tashobya said. 
They are among the 150,000 people taking in the sights, and the deals they can make.

It goes to show that there will be a lot of business here in Charlotte this weekend, and business being done.

As for business at the airport, arrivals will be the big thing to watch out for through Sunday.