Fans lineup at Unknown Brewery to sendoff Carolina Panthers

Despite the chilly temperatures, many Carolina fans made their way out to Unknown Brewery to cheer on the team as they left for the airport. 

The team buses passing by the brewery just before 1 p.m.

"We're just supporting the Panthers, man," one fan said "It's a playoff game, road game and you got to support them. It's worth being out here in the cold for a little bit."

"We want to show them support after a such a bad game last week and since we can't go watch them play we might as well come and show them off," said a couple. 

"It's good everyone can come together on their way to New Orleans," said another fan. 

The tradition at the brewery started midway through the season and has been a fun even each road game Saturday for fans.

Sunday's playoff game against the New Orleans Saints will air on FOX 46 Charlotte.