Farmers prep for potential frost

For farmers like Joe Devine, at Devine Farms, the summer drought and heavy rainfall late in the season left them with damaged crops.

Now, with the threat of frost in the weekends forecast he's forced to pick his pumpkins or lose out on them all together.

"The top of the pumpkin, after the frost leaves, you'll see a dark spot start on the top and the pumpkin will just go bad from there. When the sun hits it the color will change and you know it's hurt” Joe Devine said.

While some farmers say they will spend the weekend removing the crops that are ready to be picked, others say the potential for frost had them thinking ahead.

"Just as a general practice we like to have all our pumpkins picked around the first week of October because we know a frost could be coming." Ethan Lineberger, Lineberger Maple Spring Farms Manager, said.

Farmers say they start harvesting their pumpkins at the end of September and only have until the end of October to pick them all.