Farmers scramble to save their peach, strawberry crop after freeze

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Folks are going to have a hard time finding fresh local peaches this year. Area farmers said they’ve lost all or at least a good portion of their peach crop during last week’s freezing temperatures.

FOX 46 Charlotte visited two local farms where they’re out in the fields trying to save another fruit.

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The first day of Spring is nothing to smile about at one Gaston County farm. Ethan Lineberger and his workers surveyed the damage after last week’s freeze.

“It’s hard to get yourself in a good mental frame of mind when you take a loss this big this early in the season,” Lineberger said.

Lineberger said he lost half of his strawberries and his entire peach crop.

“We took a loss that’s bigger than the total amount I get paid in a year,” he said.

It’s pretty much the same story in Fort Mill. Springs Farm lost 80 percent of its peach crop.

“There’s a lot of work that goes into all this. To get it all take away in three nights is kind of depressing, but on the other hand you got to figure out what are we going to do to make up for this loss? What’s another crop we can raise,” they explained.

The good news is the strawberries at Springs Farm are looking great. Several of the berries will be ready for picking later this week for Fort Mill’s famous Strawberry Festival.