Father, neighbors relived after family of 10 escapes house fire

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10 people are recovering after an early morning fire tore through their home. Charlotte Fire has ruled it an accident, saying the blaze started in the kitchen.

People inside described the fire as so hot they said it ‘felt like hell,’ but they all got out alive with minor injuries. Their father thankful everyone is ok. 

“Just thank God everybody is ok and they're alive,” Gino Johnson said.

The 'everybody' he’s talking about is his wife, three kids, two brothers, sister-in-law and their three kids. 

All of them were asleep as a fire ripped through the east Charlotte home on Manchester Lane. Johnson rushed here from Atlanta when he heard. 

“My little brother, he's like 18, he woke up the whole family and started screaming and they all ran out,” Johnson said. “Thank God because if it weren't for my brother Joey they would've all been dead in the house.” 

No one was seriously hurt but they were all taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation and one person for minor burns. 

Neighbors are also thankful everyone is ok as quiet returns to the street,

“In the morning I heard the fire truck and everything coming through I didn't know what was going, and I looked out and saw the trucks and I’m happy everyone got our real safe,” Perrin Davis said.

27 firefighters responded to the fire within six minutes. They had it under control within 15 minutes.

“God is good. That's all I can say. A house is replaceable. We're not.”