Father records pick-up truck nearly slamming into school bus packed with kids

A Union County dad is desperate to get the word out about a dangerous intersection near his child’s bus stop. 

Brad Cunningham says he's seen a number of wrecks at the intersection, and after catching a speeding car darting out in front of his child’s bus, he's worried the next accident could involve children. 

“If there was a wreck that's going to terrify these kids, that infuriates me,” Cunningham said. 

Video shows the pickup truck fly out in front of a school bus. Cunningham said the bus had a green light and the truck had a yellow arrow to yield, but didn’t.

“That bus is full of kids. I’m scared for the kids. I’m scared for the driver,” he said. 

The video was taken Monday morning at the intersection of New Town and Cuthbertson Roads in Union County. 

“I can't believe it this just happened that's the worst I’ve yet to see,” said Cunningham. 

His son's bus stop is right near the intersection. Now, he's getting results, recording the bus stops every day at pick up and drop off because he says he constantly sees drivers trying to beat the red light or not stopping when the bus has the stop arm out and the lights flashing. 

“Here I am with my phone I’m holding it up it's like you're on camera, ‘oh I better behave myself,’” he said. 

Cunningham believes just by seeing him with a phone other drivers know they're being watched.

He's also contacted the Union County Sheriff's Office and they do have deputies watching too, but of course, they can't be everywhere, and when they're not there, he says drivers take risks putting his son and other children in danger.

“He just cut right in front of the bus a few seconds and the bus is hitting the truck.”