Father, son charged, 2 others detained after fight breaks out at South Providence School

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Alijah Massey, 16 (left) and Courtney Massey, 38, were both charged in connection to the fight. 

Four people have been taken into custody after a large fight broke out at South Providence School. Two of them, a father and a son, were charged Friday evening, according to the Union County Sheriff's Office. 

Union County Sheriff's deputies responded to the scene at 500 South Providence Street. The sheriff's office says deputies assigned as Student Resource Officers were on campus when a fight broke out between two students. While the officers were attempting to break up the fight, family members of one of the students began jumping in.

Deputies had to use pepper spray to break up the brawl that left two adults in handcuffs, two juveniles under custody orders and several people being examined for possible injuries, including the school principal and a sheriff's deputy.

The school confirms that an incident took place today, and referred FOX 46 to the sheriff's office for additional information. 

"Yes, I can confirm that there was a fight at South Providence. The Union County Sheriff's Office can give you details about the incident," said Tahira Stalberte, Assistant Superintendent for Communications and Community Relations for Union County Public Schools. 

Alijah Massey, 16, was one of the students involved in the initial altercation, deputies say. Another teen and Courtney Massey, 38, began assaulting the other student involved, as well as an SRO trying to break up the fight.

Alijah and Courtney were both charged with resisting a public officer, disorderly conduct and simple affray. Bond was set at $5,000 each. First court appearances are set for June 25. 

Secured custody was sought and denied by the North Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice, however petitions will be filed on the two juveniles involved.

Anyone with additional information is asked to call the Union County Sheriff’s Office at 704-283-3789.