Father uses FaceTime to bring magic of Christmas to daughter in hospital

Photo via June Orsillo Facebook

A Maryland woman took her two children to see Santa Monday when they witnessed a selfless act.

June Orsillo posted on Facebook that she was second in line with her kids and there was an older gentlemen in front of them who sat with Santa while they FaceTimed someone.

Orsillo discovered they were FaceTiming with the man's young daughter who is in the hospital and not able to visit Santa this year.

The man said, "Hi boo, look who is with me," Orsillo posted. She said Santa waved and gave the biggest Ho, Ho, Ho. 

"I have no words just a full heart of happiness and respect for him," Orsillo said. 

Orsillo said in her Facebook post that it was a brief exchange and after the man got up and left. Orsillo said she told Santa that was one class act, Santa.

This Facebook post has gone viral with nearly 1,500 shares.