Fatigue factor in I-485 tractor trailer crash, driver remains in the hospital

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Authorities say one person was hurt and a portion of I-485 was affected in Concord Thursday after a wreck involving a tractor trailer.

The crash happened on I-485 at the I-85 interchange a little after 2:30 p.m.

Medic said the driver of the tractor trailer was taken to Novant Presbyterian Hospital with serious injuries. The victim's name and condition were not immediately released.

Investigators told FOX 46 Charlotte fatigue appears to be a factor in the crash. They said the tractor trailer swiped an abandoned car on the side of I-485 and took out the guardrail on the overpass. 

The vehicle then flipped over the guardrail, spilling food carts onto the hillside. 

The official cause of the crash is under investigation. Crews plan to remain on scene Thursday night to clean up the mess.